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Exclusivity That Is The Edge of Desire

 An Invitation ...

Curated for Women of All Walks of Wealth 

Building a Legacy of Wealth and Influence for Women

Gateway and Providence for the
Future vision that is Women of Wealth

Initiating expansive and accelerated pathways for women who boldly claim their desires and who know deeply their undeniable worth of financial sovereignty.


Truth teller between two worlds; the world of investments and embodied wealth. Midwife of your soul’s expansion and claim to prosperity; inviting you to play in the world of investing while embodying the cleanest energy and frequency of money.


Portal to discernment for aligned investments that magnify and expand your legacy. A self-made millionaire by my early 30's, now growing and investing a multiple 7-figure wealth portfolio of public and alternative assets.


A professional investor in early-stage startups and advisor to high-impact companies. Living a life by design, having exited a multiple-six-figure established international career following the birth of my daughter.


Passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in investing, and democratizing access to quality alternative investments for women.


“I believe that securing our financial independence is the portal for women to live a meaningful, fulfilling, and fully empowered life on OUR terms without sacrificing health, relationships, happiness or legacy.”

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