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The Feminine Shadows of Wealth

Illuminate Net Worth Blind Spots



The Future of Feminine Wealth is rapidly expanding. 

Regardless if you're from a corporate background, you've generated your wealth through entrepreneurialism, gained some great returns on investments, or inherited a legacy fortune.

 As a woman, You have different conditioning around money, and blind spots are hardwired.


The world is changing. One thing remains. Money is (still) power, and women need both. 


In our world, we give each other permission to define our version of success, knowing that our vocation is our mission.  


We don't waste precious time bemoaning that women remain under-represented in the C-suite and in boardrooms. We don't play games that are rigged against us. We design new games to play and rules that make winning effortless, abundant, and joyful.  

We don't lean in. We get after it on our terms. 

That being said. You don't know what you don't know.

It's been fascinating for me to expand my own pathways of wealth and see some massive blindspots that pose a real danger for high net worth and high-income exemplary women.


Conditioning is steep, and this is where the conversation begins.




Women are taught to be submissive around money ( PERIOD ).

Women are shut out from most money conversations.

Women have been shamed for focusing on money or not.

Women are made to feel guilty about out-earning their partners.

Women are conditioned to feel insecure about managing their finances.


However you made your net worth, you are in an elevated space that can pose both vast opportunities and dangers. As millionaires are on the rise, and women are gaining more headway in high-income positions, empires are also falling, and women are giving away a lot of their power because of conditioning.


Ignorance can mean significant losses, AVOIDABLE LOSSES.

Women have learned that to pioneer in male-dominated spaces, we must keep our heads high. Sometimes this looks like not speaking up or asking the questions we need to make clear decisions. Not acting in our highest interest because we've been taught to hand our power over; otherwise, we risk ruining what we've built. We've been taught to stay vulnerable in areas men would never agree to. 

Many high-income women struggle with feeling isolated in their wealth-building journey and are frustrated that they're dependent on someone else to manage their money. 


This can look like 

  • I'm sitting on 6-figures, terrified of making the wrong move. 

  • I have so much more money (and guilt) than my friends and peers and no one to talk to; I feel shame and guilt about having so much money.

  • I want to make wise decisions and expand my money, but I don't know what's the best use of my money; there are so many investment opportunities.

  • I have a bunch of money, yet I still don't have the mindset of a wealthy person.

  • I have a good head on my shoulders, yet I feel entirely lost and frankly dumb about investing and building wealth. 

  • I have a financial planner, and I funnel money his way every time he says it's a good time. Being completely reliant on someone else to invest my money is frustrating. 

  • I don't trust most investment advisors because I fear they'll look at the 000's in my bank account and see their commissions rather than being a committed partner in my wealth-building journey.

  • I've worked hard for my money and want to ensure I'm responsible with it.


This can also look like 

Entering into a business or personal relationship without proper agreements in place. Women have been guilted into not protecting their assets by old conditioning that plays on emotions, and this one is all too common. ( Not signing prenups ).


 Fear, Guilt, Shame, and lack of knowledge are all shadows regarding wealth management and clear decision-making.


Blind spots will cost you time and money. 

Prevention is always the path of least resistance.


You must have confidence in personal financial decisions to avoid missing investing opportunities + even making bad investments.

 ( including entrusting the wrong individuals to manage your money).

Or leave all your money in the bank when it could expand through investments.


You can suffer huge losses without proper insight and agreements.


You can injure your future expanse by staying stuck in limiting beliefs and conditioning around how you see your wealth.


A lot of the Solution comes from approaching women's wealth in a NEW way.


Inclusive and dynamic conversations and mentoring allow your greatness also to be human, for your guard to come down, and for you to allow curiosity and empowered action to be the goalpost. Since we've been kept out of the societies, men have had access to for hundreds of years, and it's only natural - we have a lot to gain by being vulnerable to our limitations and approaching wealth management with curiosity. After all - we are shaping a new world.


Her Wealth Society accelerates women's path to legacy wealth in a community of high-achieving, like-minded women who are unapologetic about taking charge of their financial futures and building personal wealth.


Rather than the seclusions of various wealth groups, "Her Wealth Society" is focused on inviting women from all pathways to gain confidence and power in managing their wealth + understanding more deeply the hidden blind spots that have been a privilege to men's societies. A safe space to be authentic and gain clarity to make bold and powerful statements about how you invest and live.


A gender-equal society needs empowered women and girls to take control of their lives, make their own decisions, and succeed in their chosen pursuits*. The single most significant point of leverage women have today to achieve gender equality, and personal power and choice is attaining financial independence. I am a champion of putting wealth and leadership in the hands of women.


I founded Her Wealth Society to elevate more women to a level of wealth that allows us to invest in the world we want to see.


A New Immersion is opening for mentorship soon! 

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