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Your Wealth Archetype is your own unique set of traits that help illuminate your tendencies, mindset and potential  for building, holding and growing your wealth. These archetypes are helpful in defining risk tolerance and designing your wealth Journey.


  It's helpful to be realistic as to what your current mindset, beliefs and behaviours are. It may be expansive to find traits in other archetypes that feel exciting or inspiring to ascribe towards.


You may have traits from multiple archetypes and will ultimately lead with one or two. 

These archetypes represent the women of HER WEALTH SOCIETY.

I embody the Identity of an Investor 

I’m fiscally responsible 

I manage finances well

I"m Net Worth Savvy 

I want to be a good steward & grow my wealth & the edge that accelerates it


I’m a smart women, and I deserve to figure out wealth, I’m going to.

I have some money saved

I am responsible

I don’t want to grind away the rest of my career. I don’t want to do this forever

I have some awareness of alternative investments, but don’t know where to start

I see the doors,  but don’t know how to get in.


I’m early career - the investment space elicits fear, but also keeps pulling me

I’m smart

I’m starting to build wealth, I’m a great saver

I don’t really have an investor mindset yet and can’t figure out why I’m so drawn but I am

I don’t know what possibilities are accessible from putting myself in the right rooms.

I’m going to be wealthy even if I have to save my way, I’m definitely more risk adverse


I’m wealthy through birth or inheritance 

I’m aware of the possibility to grow my wealth, but I don’t know where to begin

I want to figure this out on my own, not hand over my power

Being in a room with other savvy high net worth women & proximity is more appealing than going to an advisor and being vulnerable 

I don’t want to feel demeaned or told that I can’t manage my own wealth

I am ready to access a new level of wealth and proximity


I defy the odds

I generate wealth in ways that aren’t traditional. The regular rules don’t seem to apply.

I operate through the lens of Energetics and I am not limited to the blocks or impositions most have for scaling their money.

I have elevated my ability to generate money through manifestation & pathways that allow fast and rapid leaps.

I have a propensity for cash flow that is mind-blowing

I am a match in the quantum fields, but now what?

How do I grow my wealth in the 3D?


I am passionate & relentless in my pursuit

Mission impossible is my vibe and I’ll leave no stone unturned

I want every edge & every angle 

I’m attracted to the sexiness & intrigue of higher risk & higher reward 

I’m strategic and I trust my Intuition / gut 

Its a game, I’m going to go big & win

I’m putting myself in the room

I inherently believe there’s a secret high net worth society & I want to crack the code

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